YPZ2 IV、V、VI系列電力液壓臂盤式制動器

制動平穩:安全(緊急)制動,制動運行平穩安全可靠; 支持定制:如有特殊要求,在訂貨時協商確定,可根據您的需求定制; 材質耐用:選用不銹鋼材質來制造,維護簡單,壽命長; 廣泛用于:起重、運輸、冶金、礦山、港口、碼頭、建筑等機械中的停車制動和減速制動。 立即訂購
YPZ2 IV、V、VI系列電力液壓臂盤式制動器

YPZ2 IV、V、VI系列電力液壓臂盤式制動器


應用 Application



·Electro-hydraulic disc brakes are advanced products with high performance and multiplefunctions.They are maintenance-friendly due to advanced functions applied on themsuch as automatic shoe clearance balancing and wear self-compensation device.

Various limitswitches can provide interlocking protection signal to main machinery PLC.They fit-very well for decelerating and stop/braking large-scale modern machines such asloading and unloading machinery,lifting and transporting machinery,metallurgy equipment and mining equipment.

主要特點 Main Feature









·Brake linings are plug-in style, which are easy to replace.

·Interlocking shoes clearance balancing device and shoe auto-aligning device, constantlyequalize the clearance of brake shoes on both sides and no need to adjust, thus

completely avoid one side of brake Lining sticking to brake disc.

·Self-lubricating bearings are equipped at main hinge points, which bring high efficiency oftransmission,long performance life and unnecessary to lubricate during the course ofoperation. The closing time is short ( only 0.25-0.4s ).

·Wear-self-compensation devices can realize self-compensation of shoes clearance andrelatively constant brake torque lt avoids the trouble of adjusting.

·Enclosed spring tube protects spring from damage and contamination.

·The Edseries thrusters are characterized by flexible action and long operating life.

·Brake closes in case of power failure ( Fail-Safe Principle ). Braking by spring power.Lifting by thruster.

使用條件 Operating Condition









·Ambient temperature: -20℃~+ 50℃

·Relative humidity: air relative humidity is not more than 90%

·Voltages:AC3 phase 380V, 50Hz

Also produces 60Hzor different voltages as needed, please indicate when ordering.

·Operating dutys lntermittent (S3-60%.1200 times per hour) and continuous(S1)

·Altitude in accordance with GB755-2019 of the place of use. When lower than -20c,promoting the YH-10 aviation hydraulic oil instead of oil or belt as required and heatexchanger, for details refer to the Ed driver samples.

·Outdoor rain and snow erosion or corrosive gases and media should use anti-corrosion products.

·Special requirements can be discussed before production.

符合標準 Standards Compliant




·The braking torque parameters of YPZ21,ll and lll conform to the German standard DIN15433,while those of YPZzlV,V and Vl conform to the German standard DIN15433 and JB/T7020-2006.

·They are equipped withEdseries thrusters which comply with DIN15430 standard.

訂貨示例 Order Example



Example: disc diameter is 630mm, the disc thickness is 30mm, the center high 280mm, with automatic wear compensation device, gateopening display limit switch, manual installation , the right type, driverEd 121/6, marked as:YPZ2-630IE121S-MK1S(right).